The Electric Mess


Since forming in the Summer of 2007, THE ELECTRIC MESS has developed into a tight and exciting live rock n' roll band, led by the androgynous and dynamic Esther Crow. Featuring reverb-drenched guitars, fuzz bass, and Farfisa organ, they combine British Invasion, 60's garage-punk, futuristic surf rock, psychedelic pop, and early R&B stylings. The Electric Mess will release their 4th album on Sound Flat Records (Germany) this Fall. For more information, please visit
The Electric Mess.


Photo by Heron Furtwangler

Past Projects

Auto Bonfire

Auto Bonfire is a New York City-based post-punk/new wave band formed by Esther Crow (synthesizer, vocals) and Derek Davidson (bassist). Inspired by a love for bands like Joy Division and Duran Duran, Auto Bonfire blends a new romantic sound with a post-punk edge. For more information, please Auto Bonfire.

Photo by Veronica Ibarra


Self-proclaimed “rock n’ roll cheerleaders for Devo”, Chezza Zoeller and Ezza Crow started whipping up Devo for the masses in October, 2004. Since then, they’ve played such esteemed joints as Irving Plaza (opening for Super Diamond), Webster Hall (Opening for Le Tigre) and Ruca Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA (special guest of artist and Devo lead singer, Mark Mothersbaugh). With choreographed dance moves, special effects, rotating Devo-inspired clone costumes, and their very own MOOGIE boy, they keep each performance fresh and weirdly entertaining! DEVA is on an extended hiatus since Chezza moved to L.A., however, whenever she is in NYC they've been known to reunite for a gig or two. Check back here for more updates!" with this: For more information, please visit  DEVA.

Photo: DEVA opening for Le Tigre, Webster Hall, 2005 
Photo by Unknown

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"Walter Perkins"

Original character from "Death is a Scream" Photo by Angela Wieland