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Hello! And welcome to my website…


I am an award-winning singer, songwriter, kids’ entertainer, teacher, care-giver, and sometimes-actor, who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in the very apartment I grew up in, with my husband, Dan, my 7-yr-old son, Vincent, and my mother, Mary Ellen. After two decades in the 9-5 work force, I quit my job in 2013 to take care of my son and my mother, started focusing more on music, and I have never worked harder, or felt more fulfilled. 


I have been writing and performing music for many years (including touring with my rock band, The Electric Mess), but after the birth of my son, Vincent, I became inspired to write material for children. 


The songs came quickly, and I assembled a band of wonderful local musicians and singers. This was the birth of Thunder and Sunshine. Our debut gig was May 6th, 2016 at the West End Lounge. We released our debut album, “This is Thunder and Sunshine”, in January, 2017, for which I received an award of excellence for my songwriting, from the Film Advisory Board in November, 2017.


I have performed all over New York, and NJ, both as a solo performer, and with Thunder & Sunshine. Venues played: Joe’s Pub, Hippo’s Playground, Union Square’s “Summer in the Square”, West Harlem Piers, Carl Schurz Park, Fort Greene Park, The Brooklyn Public Library, O+ Festival in Kingston, Monty Hall in NJ, WFMU radio station in NJ, and more. Up until their closing, I was a regular guest reader at Bank Street Book Store, and I’ve worked with children in shelters through ArtStart. Teaching stints include: The Cathedral School at St. John the Divine and Peartree Preschool in Harlem. 

During the beginning of the quarantine in NYC due to Covid, I started performing regularly on Instagram Live (both independently, and thru the Brooklyn Public Library)  YouTube Live (including an Earth Day show via Fort Greene Park), and FaceBook Live (as a guest of LIttle Miss Ann, Matt Heaton and Suzi Shelton). I have several videos for kids on my YouTube Channel- including some fun “family jams” with Dan and Vincent!-  and plan to film and edit many more in the coming months. Please subscribe, right here, and also visit my calendar for updates about my socially-distanced shows at the Great Hill, in Upper Central Park! I encourage everyone over the age of 2 to wear a mask, and I even wear one while singing, whistling, story telling, and laughing! My puppets and I are also available for outdoor or zoom birthday parties. Please email me for more information and booking:


I was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, just
below Columbia University. In the 70’s and 80’s, it was even more of a melting pot of sounds, cuisine, and people, than it is today. My parents were both classical musicians at the Metropolitan Opera: my mom was a soprano, and my dad was a principal cellist. My mom was also
a jazz lover, and some kind of jazz or classical music was always playing in our house. 


Our apartment is between Broadway and Amsterdam, and as a kid,
I have distinct memories of the soundtrack of Dominican music swelling with every step eastward. (That soundtrack, thankfully, still often plays today.) With the advent of hip hop in the late 70’s/early 80’s, groups of teens carrying boom boxes would also pepper these streets. Those beats definitely left an imprint in my musical psyche. 


MTV was born on August 1st, 1981, and I was hooked by the first video. I welcomed those New Wave sounds with open arms. Lots of swirling synths and a parade of bombastic costumes. I loved the pomp pageantry of it all. 


I feel very lucky to have been exposed to so many genres of music,
and my goal is to incorporate lots of these influences into the music
I write, especially for children. Variety is a big component in holding the attention of both music-maker, and listener. And opening your
ears to different genres of music will also open your mind to different cultures. I hope you enjoy exploring my music as much as I enjoy writing and performing it!

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