Get to Know Us!

Moonice the Cow:  Moonice is from New Jersey, and is a bit of a moper.
She usually wakes up on the wrong side of the pasture! But she can usually
be shaken out of her mooooooooooood with a little song and dance!

Debbie the Duck: Debbie was born in a swamp in Louisiana and raised by an alligator. She migrated to New York to become a big Broadway STAR! Won't you cast her in your next play? Or at least hire her to teach you private pilates classes? She's a real QUACKER!


Bernie the Bee: Bernie lives in the AC vent of Sal's Pizzeria in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. He's a very unusual bee, as he doesn't really care for flowers!
(Except marigolds, in the Spring.) He loves to eat anchovies and dance ballet!


Frederica Frog: Frederica is a soprano who lives in Turtle Pond in Central Park. She loves to eat flies and Szechuan food. (Give her your leftovers!)

Marjorie Mouse: Marjorie is from Australia and loves to surf and to knit
mittens for the colder months. She sleeps in a tea pot at the Crate and Barrel
on 611 Broadway in Soho. 


Harry the Horse: Harry's hyper, and from Wyoming. He makes the best hay and carrot stew you've ever had! Ask him for his secret fact: his great grandpa was Mr. Ed's stand-in!


Oliver Owl: Oliver lives in a big elm tree in Riverside Park and 105th street.
He's originally from a grove of oak trees near Swindon, in The Cotswolds (England). His favorite thing to do is snuggle up with a hot mug of Earl Gray tea and binge-watch "The Voice"! 

Photo and Handmade Puppets by Jeff Lewonczyk

© 2017 Esther Crow